Wagner: Siegfried - Kollo, Zednik, Jones, McIntyre, Kéléman, Rundgren, Schwarz; Boulez. Bayreuth, 1976


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The most notable and welcome addition to the cast of Siegfried when the production was new was René Kollo in the title role. Kollo's possessed a voice that was capable of both the lyrical and dramatic demands of this role in a way that Manfred Jung just couldn't muster. Gwyneth Jones is also much better here than in the later revival and treats the audiences to some gleaming high Cs that could easily rival Nilsson's. Donald McIntyre seems more at home as the Wanderer than in any other of the operas. Heinz Zednik is excellent as Mime. The sound is excellent. I would also like to note that on this particular night the anti-Chéreau contingent was out in force including someone who brought a whistle and plays along with Siegfried when he is fashioning his own makeshift reed to the titters and indignant hushes of the rest of the audience. They behave for the rest of the opera

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