We have changed our shipping policy.

The rate we charge is the postage rate from the United States Postal Service. We do not charge charge a handling fee.

Shipping Time

It takes 1 to 5 business days to fulfill CD orders (MP3 are sent in a few seconds.)



Defective Discs:

We have taken many steps to ensure that our discs are as consistent as possible. That said, every now and then a defective disc can get through.  If that happens, simply contact us and we will send you a replacement disc right away.  We won't even make you go to the trouble of sending back the defective copy (we trust our customers.)


Other Returns:

If you are not happy with a set because of the performance or sound quality, we will allow you to exchange that item for a similarly priced item until we have found the right recording for you.  If we deem that policy is being abused, however, we do reserve the the right to use our own discretion.