Janacek: Jenufa - Bosabalian, Dalis, Cassilly, Ulfung, Troyanos; Ludwig. Hamburg, 1969


Listen to a Sample:


Jenufa, up until recently was always on the periphery of the standard rep.  The exception to this was in Germany where it enjoyed many different productions in German like this one.  This performance features Luisa Bosabalian as Jenufa.  She was an American Soprano who set up shop with the Hamburg Opera.  It is a shame she didn't venture out more because she is a truly remarkable soprano.  She sings the prayer in Act II with gorgeous line.   Irene Dalis plays the part of her stepmother and delivers a truly exciting performance.  Listen to her high b at the end of her monologue in the sample below.   Richard Cassilly plays the part of Laca, the lummox with the heart of gold and Ragnar Ulfung sings Steva.  

OD 10144-2