Hindemith: Mathis der Maler - Cassilly, H. Hofmann, Sotin, Marschner, Troyanos; Mackerras. Hamburg, 1968


Listen to a Sample:


Mathis der Maler is about a painter whose artistic voice is thwarted amidst artistic repression.  I am sure Hindemith used many of his own experiences living in Nazi Germany while writing the libretto (Josef Goebbels himself publicly denounced him.)   This performance is from about thirty years after its premiere but must have still resonated with many in the audience.  The music is basically tonal but owes a lot to the modernism flourishing in Berlin, where he lived.  Hubert Hofmann plays the part of the Mathis and the great American heldentenor Richard Cassilly sings the part of the Kardinal.

OD 10168-2