Wagner: Siegfried - Hering, Ward, Shuard, Kelemen, Lanigan, Langdon; Downes. London, 1970


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Knowing that 1970 was approaching the end of Amy Shuard’s career, I tempered my expectations. I was ultimately proven wrong to count this remarkable artist out as she delivers a ravishing performance culminating in one of the most sensitive renditions of ”Ewig war ich” I have ever heard. Karl Josef Hering is probably one of the best Siegfrieds you have never heard of. His ringing tenor maintains a hint of lyricism throughout the grueling hours. David Ward bring majesty to the role of the Wanderer (he was a last minute replacement for an ailing Theo Adam). John Lanigan is appropriately wiry as Mime and Zoltan Kélémen demonstrates exactly why he owned this role in the 1970s. The sound is fair. There is some ghosting of another performance at the top of Act II and the entire first scene of Act III is missing. It has been replaced with a performance featuring David Ward and Rut Siewert from the 1963 season conducted by Georg Solti.

OD 11357-3

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