Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Lindholm, Cox, Rundgren, Nimsgern, Knight, Kelemen; Davis. London, 1976


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For those of you who enjoyed Berit Lindholm as the Walküre and Siegfried Brünnhildes in the 1968 Bayreuth Ring, you will be glad to know that when faced with the most dramatic installment of Wagner's tetrology, she rises to the challenge with seeming ease. In the 8 years that had elapsed her voice has taken on a darker, more burnished hue. Thankfully this richness does not come at the cost of her security on top. Jean Cox is as sturdy as ever as Siegfried. The vocal beauty and charisma that Bengt Rundgren brings to Hagen seems almost incongruous at first, but as the evening proceeds he reveals a Hagen whose malevolence is all the more dangerous given his compelling attractiveness. The performances is also peppered with some real star turns in the small roles including Gilliam Knight as Waltraute, Valerie Masterson as Woglinde, Elizabeth Connell as the second Norn and Pauline Tinsley as the third Norn. Sir Colin Davis leads a spirited performance. Although the sound is an improvement of our previous version, it is still not perfect. 

Improved Master (see above)

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OD 11099-4