Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Mödl (last Brünnhilde), Hopf, Symonette, Giongio, Hoffman; Quennet. Düsseldorf, 1966


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  • Despite having begun to ease away from the soprano repertoire, Martha Mödl nonetheless agreed to step in for an ailing Astrid Varnay at the last minute in what would be the last time she would ever sing Brünnhilde. To be sure Mödl's voice had been compromised by the time of this performance and there are passages that she is forced to revoice the vocal line on the fly in order to save herself. That said, she still manages moments of astonishing beauty, power, and, as always, her signature intensity making this performance, warts and all, a very memorable affair.
  • Hans Hopf's burly tenor is in fine form as Siegfried.
  • Randolph Symonette is far better as Hagen than he was as Wotan earlier in the cycle.
  • Grace Hoffman makes a memorable cameo as Waltraute.


  • The sound lacks depth and there are some unfortunate drop-outs.


OD 11702-4