Wagner: Das Rheingold - Adam, Hoffman, Cordes, Stolze, Hopf, Meyfarth, Frick; Klobucar, 1964


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Although the premiere of a Ring Cycle at Bayreuth will always be a very special occasion, some of the most satisfying performances come from the last years of a given production, after a cast has had many summers to refine their approach and find new nuances. Such is the case for this performance of Das Rheingold, particularly the dynamic between Theo Adam as Wotan and Gerhard Stolze as Loge. The interaction between Stolze and Adam is so natural that they almost give the impression that they are actors in a play as opposed to singers. That is not to say that their singing is any less distinguished. Adam in particular sounds as fresh and virile as ever. Grace Hoffman adds needed sympathy to the role of Fricka. The one newcomer to the production is Berislav Klobucar. Klobuar's take on the Ring seems a little more organic compared with Kempe's manicured approach and he deftly curates the moments when to let the orchestra sing and when they should accompany the singers. The sound is very good.

OD 11034-2

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