Verdi: Attila - Ghiaurov, Gencer, Luchetti, Mittelmann; Muti. Firenze, 1972


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Despite the fact that Attila is still (unfortunately) a rarity, we can be assured that it will never fully disappear so long as there are great basses out there who are looking for a challenge.   Nicolai Ghiaurov might have been one of the greatest Attilas ever.  His voice has a wild quality that lends itself to the Hunnic emperor.  Once you think that he can't get any louder he takes it up one more notch at the very last minute.  Leyla Gencer may have been slightly past her prime in 1972.  Her voice does not have the evenness throughout the registers.   However the extremes of her voice are still intact and very exciting.   Veriano Luchetti is a sweet-voiced Foresto and Norman Mittelmann sings a suave Ezio.   Riccardo Muti, free of his later idiosyncrasies, shows what Verdi is all about.  The sound is very good.

OD 10318-2

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