Spontini: Agnese di Hohenstaufen - Gencer, Luchetti, Martinucci, Petri, Davidson; Muti. Firenze, 1974


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It seems that for every opera that has made it into the standard repertoire there are five others that may have enjoyed the same kind of popularity in their time but were subsequently forgotten. In the case of Gaspare Spontini the same can be said for his entire oeuvre despite being one of the most celebrated opera composers of his day. In this recording of Agnese di Hohenstaufen, Leyla Gencer excels in the title role despite being slightly past her peak, relying more on her commitment to the drama than vocal displays of virtuosity to carry the show. Tenor Veriano Luchetti seems well within his comfort zone in the role of Enrico. Riccardo Muti, still young and free of his mannerisms, leads a spirited and lyrical performance. The sound is good.

OD 10738-2