Strauss: Elektra - Nilsson, Lindholm, Ericson, Saedén, Høiseth; Klobucar. Stockholm, 1974


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  • For this production of Elektra, the Royal Swedish Opera assembled the same cast as their legendary production from 1965 (available here)
  • The aforementioned 1965 production served as Birgit Nilsson's role debut as Elektra, a role that should would dominate for nearly two decades. Nine years later the voice lacks a certain amount of flexibility but she still manages to deliver earth-shattering high notes with astonishing ease.
  • Berit Lindholm as Chrysothemis is found at her prime and delivers a performance that far surpasses her earlier outing.
  • Barbro Ericson creates a chilling portrayal of Klytämnstra, without ever sacrificing the beauty of her lush mezzo.


  • None to mention.

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