Strauss: Arabella - Della Casa, Uhde, Pröbstl, Malaniuk, Fehenberger; Kempe. London, 1953


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It is a shame that Arabella has earned the reputation as the ugly stepsister of Der Rosenkavalier.  It may lack the seriousness or Rosenkavalier but it is overflowing in exuberance and wonderfully colorful characters as well as giving a glimpse into a wonderful era.  At any rate this recording should win over any of the doubters out there.  Lisa Della Casa is the epitome of grace and poise as the title character and she achieves that which is so often elusive to this character by conveying a bright-eyed girl and not an aloof debutante.  The rest of the cast is very good.  Hermann Uhde conveys a gruff elegance as Mandryka and Max Proebstl stands out as Waldner.  The sound is good.

OD 10465-3