Busoni: Turandot (In Italian) - Zeani, Mori, Rinaudo, Valentini-Terrani, Lazzari; Gracis. Venezia, 1973


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Virginia Zeani takes on the formidable role of Turandot, but not courtesy of Maestro Puccini. In this rare recording it is Busoni’s Turandot that benefits from Zeani’s unique star-power. Zeani’s fiery yet glamorous temperament proves an ideal fit for the ice princess, which left me wondering how she might have fared in Puccini’s version. Angelo Mori brings burly lyricism to the role of Kalaf and a young Lucia Valentini-Terrani offers a lush Adelma. The sound is a little muffled and the first Act is missing completely as well as the beginning of Act II. But the recording is still an excellent argument for an opera that has been relegated to the shadows.

In Stereo

OD 11421-1

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