Strauss: Salome - Caballé, Nimsgern, Thiemann, Wolff, Ochman, Lilowa; Mehta. Roma, 1971


Listen to a Sample:


Montserrat Caballé as Salome defies all expectations.  One would expect a bel canto singer who arrived at the theater on the wrong night.  However, she is 100% convincing in this role.  Not only is her voice silvery and steely but she really throws herself into the pathology of the virgin princess, fearlessly sacrificing the beauty of her tone for dramatic effect.  Siegmund Nimsgern sings a superb Jochanaan distinguishing himself even next to his great colleague.  Zubin Mehta leads a ferocious performance.  The sound is excellent and to highlight her remarkable versatility, I have included the Donna Anna arias sung by Caballé.

Montserrat Caballé sings Donna Anna's arias from Don Giovanni

OD 10421-2