Mussorgsky: Khovanshchina - Ghiaurov, Ludwig, Weikl, Ochman, Talvela; Stein. Hamburg, 1974


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Khovanshchina gets some real star treatment in this performance from Hamburg. Nicolai Ghiaurov, a favorite Boris Godunov, sings the title part with his signature brand of regal menace, creating a figure both imposing and human. Christa Ludwig makes much of Marfa’ music and even if the role doesn’t give her many chances to unleash he voluptuous mezzo, she brings sensitivity and nuance to the Russian text. Bernd Weikl nearly steals the show with his heart-melting account of Shaklovitij’s aria. Wieslaw Ochman brings burly lyricism as Andrej and Martti Talvela’s elegant bass proves a good foil to Ghiaurov’s rougher temperament. The sound is very good.

In Mono

OD 11416-2