Beethoven: Fidelio (Excerpts) Rysanek, McCracken, Hotter, Kreppel, Lo. Rysanek, Dickie, Schöffler; Krips. Wien, 1965


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  • Despite its short-comings as far as the sound goes, this recording offers a dream-cast for lovers of this opera.
  • In the title role, Leonie Rysanek is radiant.
  • James McCracken's burly tenor was remarkably secure when it came to lyrical singing (it is a shame his aria is not included in this recording.)
  • Hans Hotter offers an understated yet terrifying Pizzaro.
  • Despite being put in the awkward position of having to pretend to be in love with her sister, Lotte Rysanek nonetheless delivers the vocal goods as Marzelline.
  • Paul Schöffler makes an impactful cameo as Don Fernando.


  • As alluded to before, the sound is far from ideal.
  • To make matters worse there are two patches of skipping. Normally I would have excised the offending sections, but the singing is just too good.

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OD 11659-1