Verdi: Don Carlo - Prevedi, Jones, Gorr, Glossop, Christoff, Ward; Downes. London, 1966


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This performance of Don Carlo is chalked, top to bottom, with stellar singers. If you are one of those opera fans who never understood the appeal of Gwyneth Jones, this recording will likely be the revelation you have been waiting for. Jones is in superb voice particularly her top which is gleaming. Rita Gorr’s Eboli is a little less wild than some of her colleagues which gives the character a little more humanity. However, she is anything but dainty, and her ”O don fatale” is truly hair-raising. Bruno Prevedi is sturdy as Don Carlo, although his pitch tends to sag at times. Peter Glossop is an excellent Posa and Boris Christoff brings his over-sized bass (and presence) to the role of Filippo II. The highlight for me was the showdown between Christoff’s Filippo and David Ward’s Grand Inquisitor. The sound is good.

OD 11124-3

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