Compilation: Liebestod - Varnay, Mödl, Nilsson, Bjoner, Silja, Gorr, Dvorakova, Shuard, Dernesch and more


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The moment when my interest in Richard Wagner shifted from mild curiosity to full out fanaticism occurred when I was 14. I was passing the time at a record store and there was a compilation album that featured the Liebestod. Never in my young life had I been as floored by a piece of music and it initiated an obsession with Tristan und Isolde which has only increased as I have gotten older. In this compilation I have assembled 12 remarkable versions of this piece by Astrid Varnay, Ingrid Bjoner, Helga Dernesch, Ludmila Dvorakova, Rita Gorr, Gladys Kuchta, Anja Silja, Catarina Ligendza, Martha Mödl, Ursula Schröder-Feinen, Amy Shuard and Birgit Nilsson.

OD 11376-1