Verdi: Don Carlo - Gibin, Brouwenstijn, Gorr, Bruscantini, Ghiaurov, Marangoni, Sgarro; Molinari-Pradelli. Lisboa, 1964


Listen to a Sample:


Lisbon assembled an all-star cast for this performance of Don Carlo with the possible exception of the title role and although Joao Gibin may not be the most glamorous tenor to assume one of Verdi's longest and most thankless roles, he does an admirable job.  As for the rest of the cast, they are simply glorious.  Grè Brouwenstijn is a poised Elisabetta.  Her voice shimmers and she can muster impressive reserves when needed.  Rita Gorr is a wild Eboli.  Her voice may not be quintessentially Italian, but she displays great abandon and control of her upper voice.  Sesto Bruscantini is a sympathetic Posa and Nicolai Ghiaurov is booming as Filippo II.  The performance is led by Francesco Molinari-Pradelli and, as was the custom at the time, contains many cuts including a strange one at the end of Rodrigo's death scene.  I can't be certain whether this was a choice or the music was not recorded.  The sound is good.

OD 10378-2