Strauss: Salome (Extended Excerpts) - Roberts, Esser, Synek, Kiemer, Nienstedt; Schneider. Wiesbaden, 1980


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  • Brenda Roberts is captivating in the title role and, remarkably, maintains the youth and innocence of her pristine soprano voice throughout this grueling role in the same way that Ljuba Welitsch did, decades earlier.
  • Hermin Esser's Herod is abundant with character as well as a pinch of sweet lyricism.
  • Although her glory years were behind her, Liane Synek shows that she could still muster a very impressive sound when called upon to do so.
  • Gerd Nienstedt is luxury casting in the role of first Nazarene.


  • The performance contains all of Salome's part, but is missing the opening of the opera.

Brenda Roberts sings "Allein! Weh, ganz allein" from Elektra

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