Verdi: Macbeth - Sarabia, Tinsley, Little, Plishka; Conlon. 1973


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  • This recording makes a compelling argument that Pauline Tinsley was one of the all-time greatest Lady Macbeths. She sings the role with fearless abandon, and seems to relish every high note. What really sets her apart, however, is how she can lighten up her voice to deliver Rossini-style coloratura amidst the bluster.
  • Guillermo Sarabia's rich baritone is well-cast and plays off Tinsley's Lady very well.
  • Paul Plishka makes an impressive cameo as Banco.
  • A young James Conlon displays a knack for Verdian style, as well as a keen understanding for how the human voice works.


  • None to mention.

In Mono

OD 11837-2