Verdi: I Masnadieri - Deutekom, Moldoveanu, Zancanaro, R. Curtin; Santi. Zurich, 1977


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I love Verdi. That said I have to commit blasphemy by stating that I Masnadieri is not his best work. But like many early Verdi works ultimately it is only as good as the singers in the title roles and in that respect this is a very enjoyable performance due in no small part to the Amalia of Cristina Deutekom. True, the voice can be a little strange sounding at times, but few sopranos that I have heard could combine spot-on coloratura with the kind of "slancio" that she could muster. Vasile Moldoveanu's voice was truly world class. Listening to him here one thinks about the kind of career he could have had if his voice hadn't given out. The sound is good.

OD 10681-2