Strauss: Elektra - Goltz, Rysanek, Madeira, Uhde, Klarwein; Böhm. München, 1955


Listen to a Sample:


I was amazed when I learned of Christel Goltz' death last year.  Like many, I imagine, I was shocked that she was still alive (she made her operatic debut in 1935!)  This recording finds her twenty years after that debut.  I can only imagine that those two decades must have taken their toll on her middle voice but the top still had a lot of power calling to mind Marjorie Lawrence.  And she is not afraid of the occasional over the top histrionics that in other roles may be a bit much.  But hey, this is Elektra.  She is joined by a very young and even more exuberant Leonie Rysanek as Chrysothemis.  Her voice seemed to be boundless when she sang Strauss.  Jean Madeira sings Klytämnestra and is truly terrifying.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10483-2