Strauss: Arabella - Watson, Wächter, Milajkovic; Klobucar. Wien, 1969


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About ten minutes on each disc of this recording of Arabella is heavily affected by distortion. This is a shame, because otherwise the sound is excellent, and the performance is very fine indeed. Claire Watson's purity of tone makes for an unusually sympathetic portrayal of Strauss' Princess-in-her-own-mind protagonist, and Eberhard Wächter brings not only a gorgeous voice but a deep soul to her country-bumpkin suitor. Oliviera Miljakovic is a sweet-sounding Zdenka who isn't afraid to be strident when called upon, and Adolf Dallapozza sings so well he nearly makes Matteo likable. Mimi Coertse turns in a sparkling, pinpoint-accurate Fiakermilli and Berislav Klobucar leads the way with a firm hand and a sweep.

OD 11214-2