Bellini: Norma - Scotto, Casoni, Cecchele, Giaiotti; Patanè. Torino, 1974


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When most think of Renata Scotto and Norma they think of her outings in the early 80s when the voice was starting to show some wear and couldn’t really cope with the demands of the part. This recording, from 1974, serves to vindicate Scotto and shows that in her prime she was an ideal Norma, confidently acquitting the prodigious demands of this role. Her Norma is more than just stoic poise. She manages to probe the depths of Norma’s psyche revealing a woman who is both commanding, formidable and scared. Gianfranco Cecchele was a smart casting choice as his Pollione skews more towards lyrical than dramatic. The sound is generally pretty good, although the second act does have some background hiss.

Renata Scotto sings "Che non tentai per vincere" from Zaira
Catania, 1976

OD 11069-2