Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Nilsson, Windgassen, Hoffman, Feldhoff, Talvela; Böhm. Bayreuth, 1969


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1969 would mark the last year that Birgit Nilsson and Wolfgang Windgassen would sing Tristan together.  She remarked once that whenever she did it with another tenor she felt as if she were committing adultery.  It is a shame that this is their last collaboration because both seem like they could have done it for many years more.   Wolfgang Windagassen gives such an impassioned performance in Act III, it is a wonder how he could manage such power during his last lines "Zu ihr, zu ihr!"  Birgit Nilsson spits venomous curses in Act I and then manages to scale back her instrument for a remarkably tender love-duet.  It must have been bitter-sweet for both of them.

OD 10143-3