Wagner: Tannhäuser - Beirer, Grümmer, Synek, Fortune, Talvela; Patanè. Berlin, 1969


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  • This stellar performance of Tannhäuser makes a very compelling argument for one of the most taxing operas, from a vocal and dramatic standpoint, Wagner ever wrote.
  • From her first vocal entrance, Elisabeth Grümmer perfectly embodies all of the youthful exuberance of Elisabeth. Throughout the performance, it is incredible see the character's evolution, culminating with her Act III aria "Allmächt'ge Jungfrau, hör mein Flehen!" which she crafts as if it were the most delicate German Lied.
  • Hans Beirer may have lacked the Grümmer's finesse, but he more than makes up for it with his utter mastery over the unrelenting vocal challenges Wagner throws his way.
  • Liane Synek is sultry and fiery as Venus.
  • Martti Talvela, as Landgraf, is icing on the cake.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11861-3