Wagner: Siegfried - Windgassen, Ward, Nilsson, Stolze, Kraus; Solti. London, 1962


Listen to a Sample:


Like the performance of Götterdämmerung from the following season, this performance of Siegfried seems as if it was meant to be a dry run for the Decca recording.   Georg Solti delivers a fiery performance and one of the fastest I have ever heard (it is on three CDs.)   This seems to benefit the singers who convey incredible security in their respective roles.  Wolfgang Windgassen brings his youthful tenor to the role of Siegfried.  It is remarkable that he sounds as fresh at the end as he did at the beginning of this performance.  If the Götterdämmerung Brünnhilde is a marathon than the Siegfried Brünnhilde is the 50 yard dash.  Birgit Nilsson seems to relish the challenge of jumping onto a speeding train without the luxury of warming up on stage.   I can't say enough about the artistry of Gerhard Stolze.  There cannot be a more menacing and at times sympathetic Mime.  His name should be included more when people talk about great Wagner singers.   David Ward gives a very fine performance of Wotan.  The sound is very good.

OD 10293-3