Wagner: Siegfried - Cox, Schröder-Feinen, Adam, Zednik, Neidlinger, Feldhoff, Höffgen; Stein. Bayreuth, 1973


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Jean Cox has often been dismissed as a "serviceable" Siegfried (no small accolade considering the formidable demands of the role.) However, I attest that this performance is anything but serviceable and he hits all of the marks, from a virile forging scene to some very tender singing during the Waldweben. The stand-out of the cast comes in the form of a last minute substitution which Wolfgang Wagner announces before the beginning of Act III when Berit Lindholm fell ill. Ursula Scröder-Feinen seems unfazed by the stress of having to go on at the last minute and scores a triumph in the short but strenuous Siegfried Brünnhilde. Her voice is both dramatic and sensual. "Ewig war ich" is particularly remarkable for its delicacy, especially given the fact that she just sang music that is anything but. Heinz Zednik is wiry and hilarious Mime. The sound is very good but there is about 30 seconds of music missing at the beginning of "Ewig war ich."

OD 10931-3