Strauss: Elektra - Schröder-Feinen, Jones, Ludwig, Adam, Beirer; Stein. Wien, 1977


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In the seventies Christa Ludwig began to move away from the soprano repertoire and back into mezzo-land.  This performance marks her first Klytämnestra.  Her only other experience with that opera was recordings scenes as Elektra (although she must have heard it growing up as her mother sang the title role with Karajan in the 40s.)  It is nice to hear her in this part as she still has a lot of her vocal glamor for a part that is usually relegated to sopranos nearing retirement.  She also shows that Klytämnestra is more than just a screamer.  She seems to treat the more introspective parts of this role like a German Lied.   In the title role is Ursula Schröder-Feinen.  She had a brief career although she sang well while she was good.  Here she is very good.   Gwyneth Jones is ideal as Chrysothemis.  Her voice soars over the orchestra and is voluptuous.   The sound is only fair.

There is music missing from this performance intermittently

OD 10259-2

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