Wagner: Parsifal - Windagssen, Dalis, London, Hotter, Böhme; Knapperstbusch. Bayreuth, 1963


Listen to a Sample:


This performance of Parsifal is another installment of the legendary Hans Knappertsbusch Parsifals from Bayreuth in the 60s.  This time around, we have Wolfgang Windgassen in the title role.  Windgassen is at his best in the role of Parsifal.  He shows that even though he was a memorable Siegfried and Tristan, his voice was essentially a lyrical instrument.  Irene Dalis' Kundry is legendary and certainly one of the best on record.  In this performance, at times, she struggles a little bit more than she had in previous years, but she makes up for it with a higher degree of abandon.  George London is a stoic Amfortas, his voice still in very good form despite a few high notes.  Hans Hotter's voice may lack a little bit of the "profundo" quality of other basses.  This, however, gives his Gurnemanz more of an everyman quality which works very nicely.  Hans Knappertsbusch's sense of when to luxuriate in the score, and when to drive the music and drama forward is top notch.  The sound is very good.

OD 10694-4