Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - Neidlinger, Watson, Konya, Crass; Leitner. Buenos Aires, 1968


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Wagnerians out there will be puzzled by the idea of the Hans Sachs of Gustav Neidlinger.  One associates this singer more with the Wagnerian villains i.e. Alberich and Klingsor.  Although he may not be able to muster the kind of nobility of Hans Hotter or the vocal glamor of Thomas Stewart, he uses his gruff baritone to highlight the everyman quality of the cobbler, which, in a way, is the ultimate message of this work.   And the same acting chops that gave him the reputation as the leading character baritone of his day are put to good use and he colors Sachs's prose with great sensitivity.  He is joined by Claire Watson who is sublime as Eva as well as Sandor Konya.  With Walther von Stolzing one wants a tenor who could easily straddle the grey zone between a Wagnerian tenor and an Italian tenor and Konya always did this exceptionally.  Franz Crass makes a wonderful Veit Pogner.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10603-4

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