Wagner: Lohengrin (In Italian) - Kónya, Pobbe, Didier-Gambardella, Protti; Leitner. Milano, 1959


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There are certain operas that fall apart when they are translated from their original languages and then there are operas that are enhanced by translation. This performance of Lohengrin in Italian definitely falls into the latter category. The fluidity of the Italian prose combined with the outstanding singers in the cast highlights the very clear Italian influence in Wagner’s writing. Sandor Konya brings purity of tone and vocal heft to the title role. Marcella Pobbe seems to relish Elsa’s long melodic lines lending sensuality to a character that can often come across as milquetoast. Aldo Protti’s mellifluous baritone is almost too elegant for the role of Telramund. The sound is excellent.

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OD 11406-3

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