Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Nilsson, Hopf, Van Mill, Boese, Brouwenstijn; Wallberg. Buenos Aires, 1962


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Heinz Wallberg brings the cycle to a close with a dash of melodrama and a fleet baton, keeping the opera moving swiftly through its lengthy first act. His orchestra seems to have been whipped into shape (even the brass is more in tune than not) and the cast is a fine one. Hans Hopf’s bully-boy Siegfried has an attractive baritonal quality to his voice and brings an exciting clarity towards his death scene. Arnold van Mill’s Hagen is less subtle than most (he indulges in some maniacal laughter as Act II comes to a close) but it’s impeccably sung. Angel Mattiello’s Gunther is likewise notable, and Alois Pernerstorffer and Ursula Boese return for strong cameo appearances as Alberich and Waltraute. Gré Brouwenstijn returns as well, not only as an excellent Gutrune but also as the Third Norn, blending well with Tota de Igarzaba and Noemi Souza in trio and blazing on her own in solo. The Rheinmaidens (with Souza returning as Flosshilde) are a little less impressive, but the chorus work is strong. The sound is solid, but unfortunately, a few minutes of music are missing from Act I, including the moment where Siegfried drinks the love potion.

OD 11246-4