Wagner: Die Walküre (Act I) Gorr, Vercamme, Kreppel; Diels. Brussels, 1966


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If you ever wondered if Rita Gorr had it in her to sing soprano rep, this recording should put those wonders to rest. Gorr sounds 100% comfortable as Sieglinde and brings a rich color to this role that one rarely hears particularly during "Der Männer Sippe." The rest of the cast is good particularly the Hunding of Walter Kreppel. And for all of you doubters out there who might find yourself saying "Sieglinde is so low it is practically a mezzo part" we have included the Immolation Scene sung by Gorr. The sound is excellent. The first few minutes of Walküre are missing.

Rita Gorr sings the Immolation Scene from Götterdämmerung

OD 10653-1

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