Wagner: Die Walküre - Act I - Nilsson, Svanholm, Greindl; Schmidt-Isserstedt. Hamburg, 1953


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With colossal talents like Birgit Nilsson it is easy to think that they just emerged fully formed from the forehead of some deity.  Hearing her in the early 50s the Nilsson sound is immediately recognizable, but in addition there is a plangency to her tone which would become slightly eclipsed by the formibable steel that her voice acquired as it matured.  She is joined by veteran Set Svanholm who, nearing 50, is still capable of a producing youthful, virile tones.  Josef Greindl is a black and imposing Hunding.  Hans Schmidt-Issersted leads a brisk performance and gives particular attention to shaping Wagner's phrases with forward direction and nuance.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10545-1

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