Verdi: Otello - King, Zylis-Gara, Sólyom-Nagy, Zampieri; Erede. Wien, 1974


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Even despite its sound limitations, this is a recording of Otello that collectors will treasure as it features James King in the title role and Teresa Zylis-Gara as Desdemona, neither of whom ever recorded their respective roles. King will likely be remembered more for his work in the German repertoire than Italian, however that was not for lack of affinity for the Italian style. His gargantuan tenor soars over the massive forces and his voice never flags under the demands of the vocal writing or dramatic intensity which seems to pour out of him the entire night. Teresa Zylis-Gara’s ethereal soprano is near ideal as Desdemona. Her voice has an angelic quality that she maintains even during the more dramatic moments like the Act III duet with Otello. The sound is fair and there are a number of dropouts, the most irritating being the final note of the ”Ave Maria.”

James King sings arias from Macbeth and Tosca

OD 11158-2

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