Verdi: Otello - Cassilly, Taddei, Tarres; Solti. London, 1969


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I was very happy to find this recording of Otello as if features the great American Tenor Richard Cassilly in the title part. Cassilly, in my opinion, never got the recognition that was due to him. In part this was due to the fact that by the early 80s the steady diet of Wagner was beginning to take its toll. Cassilly was remarkable because he had enormous heft and carrying power packaged within a voice that was essentially a lyric instrument. This gave him the ability to both trumpet out the "Esultate" as well as float some very delicate lines in the love duet as if he were singing Bellini. Also noteworthy is the Iago of Giuseppe Taddei. Taddei's voice lacked some of the glamor of his colleagues but he more than made up for it with his intense commitment. Enriquetta Tarres is very good as Desdemona. The sound is very good.

OD 10870-2

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