Compilation: Ludmila Dvorakova - Act I of Tristan with Cassilly, Roar, Hoffman plus arias


Listen to a Sample:


I have extolled the virtues of Ludmila Dvorkova many times on this site.  I am very happy to now present one of the very few albums devoted exclusively to this underrepresented artist.  Her voice was unique in that it had the depth of a contralto with an upper extension that any soprano would be jealous of.  The first part of the set is the entire Act I of Tristan und Isolde.  Recorded in 1969, Dvorakova is at the height of her powers.  Her voice is creamy in the lyrical moments and steely in the dramatic ones.  She is joined by tenor Richard Cassilly.   Many only know this tenor from the broadcast of Tannhaüser that he did late in his career.  Here in the late sixties his voice is still very fresh and has all the attributes of a great Heldentenor including the rarest, beauty of tone.  The rest of the album includes excerpts from Tannhaüser, Lohengrin, Götterdämmerung, Fidelio and Parsifal

OD 10360-2