Verdi: Macbeth - Bailey, Vishnevskaya, Ward, Clark; Gibson. Edinburgh, 1976


Listen to a Sample:

Listen to a Sample


It makes sense why the Scots would have a special appreciation for Verdi’s Macbeth and on this occasion they managed to assemble a fantastic cast of seasoned Verdians. The most remarkable of the group is Galina Vishnevskaya. Verdi noted that he wanted an ugly voice in this role and this is the only aspect in which she disappoints as she manages the crippling vocal demands without ever sacrificing the clarion beauty of her soprano. Norman Bailey offers a gruff Macbeth, displaying a thane that is paralyzed by doubt and remorse. David Ward is a luxury as Banco and makes much of his aria. A young Graham Clark sings Malcolm. The sound is fair and I should point out that a crying child mars the otherwise superb a cappella section of the Act I concertante.

OD 11216-2