Verdi: Macbeth - Gobbi, Shuard, Robinson, Turp; Molinari-Pradelli. London, 1960


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Macbeth was the type of role that Tito Gobbi excelled at.  When he portrayed roles like Macbeth, Iago and Falstaff one was reminded that they were not just experiencing a Verdi opera but a Verdi/Shakespeare opera.  And if his voice was not beautiful in the traditional way that would lend itself to roles like Don Giovanni and other "matinee idol" baritone roles, he was able to use his gruff baritone to great effect to convey the twisted psyches of the "bad-guy" baritones.  Amy Shuard joins him as Lady and is spectacular.  It was a great surprise to me that she had such superb agility. She even manages an extremely transparent d flat at the end of the sleep walking scene which wavers slightly but that should be overlooked given the vocal risk she was taking trying to sing it as piano as she does.  Franceso Molinari-Pradelli conducts.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10481-2

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