Verdi: Luisa Miller - Sukis, Bonisolli, Ludwig, Taddei, Giaiotti, Smith; Erede. Wien, 1974


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Many good singers here to mention.  The stand-out is Franco Bonisolli. In 1974 he was right at the cusp in which he was starting to move into heavier repertoire, yet was still free of the mannerisms that would at times overshadow his artistry.  Giuseppe Taddei and Christa Ludwig are luxuries as Miller and Federica.  Lilian Sukis may not bring the star power that her colleagues do, but nonetheless holds her own.  Her voice is slender and negotiates the coloratura with aplomb while bringing a lovely lyrical quality to the Verdi line.  In other words, an ideal Luisa.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10675-2

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