Berlioz: Les Troyens (In English) - Baker, Veasey, Vickers, Kerns, Garrett; Davis. London, 1972


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One of Colin Davis’ greatest achievements during his tenure at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden was to curate a revival of Berlioz with extra special attention given to Les Troyens. Davis had the audacity to produce the work with very few cuts and in one evening. That is long sit for even a seasoned opera fan. Fortunately Davis’ trust in Berlioz’ genius paid off. The attention to detail Davis gives the score keeps the entire evening from lagging and he conducts every number, whether it is a dance, chorus, drinking song, or incidental music with the same vitality as the big dramatic moments. As Enée Jon Vickers is in remarkable voice, coping with the demanding tessitura with aplomb. Janet Baker is a sensual Didon, and Josephine Veasey shines in the temple scene as Cassandra. The sound is very good.

OD 11239-3