Verdi: La Forza del destino - Tebaldi, Penno, Mancaserra, Neri; Santini. Napoli 1954


Listen to a Sample:


Collectors know that the term "historical" can mean a great and unique performance but also usually means less then ideal sound.   Well this is a "historical" recording in both senses of the words.  I would not recommend this recording for people who do not already own at least six different versions of this opera.  However if you are able to listen past the flaws you will hear a magnificent performance from Renata Tebaldi, here at the height of her powers.  It is a cliché, I know, but her voice sounds like an angels.  Antonio Mancaserra is a fine Alvaro and Gino Penno and Giulio Neri are Don Carlo and Guadagno, respectively.

OD 10241-3