Verdi: Aida (In Italian & Swedish) Nilsson, Höiseth, Ericson, Jupither; Savini. Stockholm, 1966


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For years it was the policy of the Royal Stockholm Opera to only mount operas in Swedish.   Exceptions would be made when great Swedes like Birgit Nilsson and Jussi Bjoerling would return home.  The result is a performance in which the star would sing in the original language and the rest of the cast would sing in Swedish.  Birgit Nilsson is glorious as Aida.  Some thought her voice was a little cold to sing Italian music.   If that is true the flip side is the purity of her Nordic tones (Purity is not often a word associated with dramatic sopranos.)   And her high notes soar.   Barbra Ericson sings Amneris.   She was well known to the Swedish public but not as much abroad.   Her Mezzo seems very well suited to the part of Amneris.  It has true heft and her top is very secure.  Kolbjörn Höiseth is less impressive as Radames.  The sound is good.

OD 10315-2

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