Verdi: Aida - Norman, Cossotto, Lavirgen, Aliberti, Roni; Sanzogno. Paris, 1973


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This performance of Aida is notable because it features Jessye Norman in the title role. Norman avoided Verdi for the bulk of her career, and although she manages some ravishing moments, it is clear that she is not in her comfort zone. Surprisingly she seems to have no trouble with the high Cs including the notorious one at the end of ”O patria mia.” She seems to have a harder time with the long Verdian phrases, specifically with maintaining the pitch. It is a shame because her voice is otherwise as opulent as ever. Fiorenza Cossotto is well in her comfort zone as Amneris and her fiery temperament is an excellent foil to Norman’s poised stoicism. Nino Sanzogno takes some interesting liberties with Verdi’s score with varying success. The sound is excellent.

OD 11337-2