Tchaikovsky: Mazeppa (In Italian) - Olivero, Bastianini, Christoff; Perlea. Firenze, 1954


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Magda Olivero, Ettore Bastianini and Boris Christoff seem like an odd line up for a Tchaikovsky opera, however, they do him a great service by showing how Italianate Tchaikovsky's melodies are.  Ettore Bastianini certainly seems right at home in the title role.  David Polori can be added to my ever increasing list of "why didn't this person have a bigger career."  His voice is sweet and has a very distinctive timbre while remaining Italianate.  Of the cast Boris Christoff was the most experienced in Russian music and his style adds a little borscht to the meal.  The sound is very good.

OD 10590-2

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