Strauss: Salome - Jones, Hopf, Weikl, Mödl; Reiger. München, 1977


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Gwyneth Jones may have been the perfect soprano for Salome.  First and foremost her voice had enormous cut.   There were times where I heard her in the theater that she not only soared over the orchestra she eviscerated it.  In addition she was an incredible beauty.  But this beauty was more than skin-deep.  Her voice conveyed that same glamor the result being without even setting eyes on her you believed that she was a beautiful princess just from her sultry tones.   But Salome needs to be more than just a pretty face and during her famous final scene Jones delivers a very compelling and fiery performance both vocally and dramatically.  The supporting cast is just as wonderful.  Veteran Hans Hopf delivers a slimy Herod.  Martha Mödl shows that she still has something to offer as Herodias bringing wonderful comic flair to the role.   Bernd Weikl's voice is perfect for Jochanaan.  He delivers his opening lines with great fire and brimstone.   But it is his silky baritone that makes it seem obvious that Salome would be mesmerized by him.  I have included "Ich kann nicht sitzen" from Elektra and both of Ariadnes' arias all with Jones.  The sound is very good.

Gwyneth Jones sings arias from Elektra & Ariadne auf Naxos

OD 10334-2