Strauss: Salome - Nilsson, Nöcker, Parly, Madeira, Fassbaender; Klobucar. Milano, 1967


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Birgit Nilsson's Salome cannot be described as girlish. No Matter. She can still be described as incredibly and impossibly alluring. Her no-holds bar take on the role is heard to its fullest effect in this electric performance from La Scala in 1967. With Berislav Klocubar whipping the orchestra into a (tightly controlled) frenzy, Nilsson is free to revel in a thrilling rendition of the final scene, delivering a startling complex use of vocal colors. She is supported by a fine cast including Jean Madeira's lush Herodias and Ticho Parly's odious Herod. Hans Günther Nöcker is a fervent, beautifully sung Jochanaan. and no less than Birgitte Fassbaender is on hand for the few utterances of the page.

OD 11138-2

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