Strauss: Elektra - Schröder-Feinen, Rysanek, Varnay, Hopf, Adam; Böhm. München, 1977


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  • Ursula Schröder-Feinen delivers the goods in one of the most daunting roles in the dramatic soprano repertoire.
  • Aided by nearly 25 years of experience singing the role of Chrysothemis, Leonie Rysanek offers sterling vocalism and red-hot temperament, demonstrating her supremacy in Strauss.
  • Astrid Varnay's Klytämnestra is the perfect blend of camp and pathos.
  • Hans Hopf makes an excellent cameo as Ägisth and Theo Adam's stoic Orest is a much needed counter-balance to the hysteria going on around him.
  • Bucking the normal evolution of conductors into their twilight years, Karl Böhm's pacing seemed to get faster and faster. He generates enormous energy from the ensemble but at times leaves both the players and the singers in the dust.
  • Previous versions of this recording that had been available were under-pitch. We have corrected the issue.


  • None to mention.

Leonie Rysanek sings the final scene from Salome

In Stereo

OD 11617-2